Ar-Jane is the alias of Arjanne Beukers (23), an ambitious singer-songwriter from a small town in the south of The Netherlands. Known for her sensitive, dreamy voice and honest lyrics, she creates indie music with a melancholic sound. Inspired by Phoebe Bridgers, London Grammar and Florence + The Machine, she writes heartfelt, introspective songs about things living around in her head for too long. Ar-Jane is not afraid to expose herself and through this way she pulls the audience into her story.

Ar-Jane’s debut EP called ‘Leaving Shadows Behind’ is out now. It contains five melancholic indie songs, each presenting a different struggle she went through while growing up. Such as a first intense heartbreak and the contradiction of a broken heart, doubting your own abilities and comparing them to others, learning how to forgive yourself, fading friendships and learning how to deal with depression. 

‘’I’m hoping these songs can comfort others through recognition but at the same time I hope they help them to move forward by being vulnerable’’. Cause that’s the message Ar-Jane wants to send out with this EP: ‘vulnerability is strength’. 

2023 was a successful year with the release of ‘Leaving Shadows Behind’ reaching editorial Spotify playlists, gigs such as supporting Selah Sue and a collaboration with Jazz Orchestra of the Concertgebouw Amsterdam. These show big promises for 2024, with new music on its way.